Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love Yourself!

Wow I just finished watching Dr.Oz, and I feel sick!!
 I was eating my lunch, and seen this show featuring anorexic people and all I feel like doing is eating even more!! I had no idea that Pro-Ana sites existed. I have checked a few out and I cannot even understand how they are legal. They are basically death sentences for insecure men and women.

It boggles my mind how and why these people are like that. Why do you want to harm your body? So strange. Don't you love yourself?
Don't ever get having a healthy diet and exercising confused with anorexia. They are two separate things!! Everyone has a healthy weight that is recommended for there height, gender and age. You should never be trying to attain a weight lower then this recommended weight.
For instance if you are 5'6'' and a female you should not weigh less then 125lbs. If you are taller, well then you should weigh more...
You can check out what your body mass index should be on various sites, or ask your Dr what a healthy weight is for you.

Let your body speak to you. For me I am quite slender (but healthy),  I can tell though when I loose a couple pounds I just don't feel the same, I loose energy and feel I can function quite as well. I know and realize I need to make a point to eat more. I have a really fast metabolism so sometimes it can creep up and i can loose a nit without noticing it. One way I have learned to add some extra healthy calories to your diet to be sure you remain a healthy weight is to drink fruit juice instead of water at times. I also like to ad a healthy smoothy with fresh fruit and sometimes some protein powder or a Vega packet packed with energizing vitamins and protein. I have this in-between meals to keep me going and add something healthy to my diet.

It isn't good to just down a bag of potato chips if you are looking to gain a few pounds, I recommend only adding healthy and natural foods. After all its not all about how you look, it is about how you feel, and the overall health of your body.

Please never desire to be anorexic, this is a horrific disease, which makes me feel so sad. I would never endorse that. Not only can anorexia cause death, but in the mean time you can have your teeth rot, hair will fall out, you feel weak and faint. Become paranoid as your mind is not operating properly. Your organs can have a hard time functioning which can cause serious damage to your body.
We all need to love ourselves no matter what weight we are. We should only be concerned with living a healthy life so we can prosper and live long and disease free :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

All Inclusive Binge

So I'm back from Mexico....and I went a little nuts on the buffet. You know the saying "you gotta get your money worth". We went for an all inclusive option, and the food was really fabulous. It was a bit hard to control myself. I fell in love with the Apple pie, It wasn't even apple pie, it was better!! It was a flaky soft danish type crust with warm sliced apples and vanilla ice cream on top melting all over it!.....LOL OK I will stop. I'm sure your keyboard has drool all over it now. At least you can feel for me now.

I'm feeling a bit bloated from all the over eating lets just say.
I'm definitely going for the one thing that has always come to my rescue. That is GREEN TEA.

I am also training for a marathon. I have never done one before but figured its a great way to push yourself. Its motivating to have a goal to work up too. If cardio isn't your thing this will definitely help get you on the treadmill or running outside.

With some great music in your IPod you can really getting into running or jogging. its actually a surprisingly freeing exercise. The great thing about cardio is that even if your not noticing result with weightless, you are most importantly going to get results with your heart. After all the health of your heart is most important!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Foods that Keep you Fuller Longer

Did you know your body burns and digests foods at different rates.
One of the best foods for keeping you fuller longer and giving you energy is cheese. Cheese is full of protein and actually keep you fuller longer. Yes it is fattening!... But with the right amount this is a great choice to give your body some energy that it needs.
Celery is also another one. Celery is a great source of fiber and your stomach works on digesting it for a lot longer than most foods, which keeps you feeling full longer. It is also very healthy and really counts for no calories, so eat as much as you like!!
Oatmeal is one of my favorite choices in the morning, and it keeps you full and satisfied for hours to come. Eat it with raisins or dried cranberries instead of brown sugar. A GREAT choice!

Eggs have been called the "perfect protein food" well thats because they pretty much are. A study has found that people who eat more eggs or a higher protein diet, stay fuller longer and actually ingest less calories per day.
Beans are another winning choice. They are very high in  protein and are slower digested.

Try incorporating theses foods into your diet to see if you notice a difference. You should have more energy and be eating a lot less!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Step and Sculpt

Ooo I loved this class tonight! I have honestly never been to a step class before but I decided I needed to do something different for once. I had been to some other classes before offered at the rec center, but they weren't as high impact as I was looking for. But tonight was different! I had such a good time, loud music and a fast paced. I am actually soar already. I had to stop a few times and catch my breath., but I really had fun. I cant wait until next Monday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Believe the Hype!

Something is bothering me out there....
All this hype about weight loss products. "try our special cleansing tea" or "Weight loss pills" or "vitamins that help you lose weight".

Let me tell you, DONT BUY THIS STUFF!! You are wasting your money. Being slim and fit, shouldn't cost you anything more than regular living. In-fact should and could possibly cost even less!
If you want to so called "cleanse yourself" Drink WATER! I mean carry a water bottle around with you everywhere you go and drink 5 full water bottles! Drink Green tea. In fact even drinking black tea will help cleanse you, but of course with no sugar in it. EAT YOU VEGGIES. natural raw foods help you lose weight by regulating your metabolism. You should be intaking enough fiber daily to keep you regular. Also drinking water will help with that too. You should honestly be going #2 when you wake up or very close to that time, every single day, the green tea I promise will help with that. LOL

So don't buy into this Herbal Life stuff, or whatever else is out there trying to rip you off. Promise me, you can do without these products.
If you honestly would like something to boost your metabolism in a pill form the only thing that is going to work are Wake up pills and Ephedren with ASA.  BUT THIS IS DANGEROUS. AND if you stop taking them you will lose your natural metabolism and even put on more weight than before!
it is best to train your body the natural way. Give yourself love :) and healthy food, exercise and plenty of water.

Monday, February 7, 2011

To Lose Weight AVOID SUGAR!

Watch that sugar intake! In order to have your metabolism working properly and most effectively you have to avoid sugar as much as possible.You might not realize it but sugar is in pretty much everything. Even something salty can have lots of sugar in it.  I have a major habit of reading ingredients on everything I buy. If sugar is one of the first three ingredients on something thats not candy, or meant to be sweet then I won't buy it. Watch closely with cereals. Another one to watch is granola snack bars. Those things are so packed with sugar, you might as well eat a chocolate bar. I choose cereals like plain Rice krispies  or Cheerios. For a bit of sweetness I go for the Multi grain Cheerios. You should never be eating something filled with sugar first thing in the morning or really ever in fact. Here is a great article on how sugar effects your metabolism, and how your body processes it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Secrets to Maintaining a GREAT METABOLISM!

My body has not changed shape since I was a teenager. I have always weighed withing 2-3 pounds the exact same weight all my adult life. I am only 27, but yet still I do not to very much to maintain my weight, and most would say that your metabolism starts to go around 25.
I don't really believe that so much. I do think as you get older it is going to be harder to gain muscle weight, and maybe if you gain some, it may be a bit harder as you get older to take it off again. But I think as long as you stay consistent with things you wont ever have to worry.
SLEEP- Sleep is extremely important. Your body needs plenty to be functioning at its ultimate level. You should be getting at least 8 full hours every night. When you don't get enough sleep your body begins to stress. Therefore it is not going to burn as many calories, as well as it is going to crave different foods that give it a quick boost of energy like sugar. Making it harder to stay on a healthy meal plan.
Also as you sleep believe it or not you are burning calories. Your actually burning a lot! For every hour of sleep your burning approximately 50-55 calories. So in eight hours you would burn up to 440 calories!

Also DO NOT skip BREAKFAST! Sooo many people believe that they will loose more weight by not eating as much. This isnt really true. You are teaching your body to store fat. it thinks its in starvation mode and so when you do eat it is going to want to store that food, and not burn it up. Also by skipping breakfast you will have much less energy and therefore not burn as many calories. I have always eaten breakfast. I make sure to have something healthy. I choose to eat cereals with low sugar, or none at all. Add a banana for natural sweetness, or even some raisins, or dried cranberries. And I always pair it with Green tea! But remember to also hydrate yourself, as the green tea will dehydrate you.
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